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“Growing up Italian-American, I was taught that food was the center of entertainment. I lived to eat and not vice versa. For years, I suffered with simple maladies like fatigue, stomach aches, allergies, etc. After I turned 40, I started working with Kim Kemper to learn more about nutrition. Within two weeks, my world and health changed for the better. I now consider Kim a
part of my life-health team.
She’s brilliant.”
—Gina Rubel, business owner



“My daughter spent half her life on prescription allergy medicine and antibiotics. Thanks to Kim, her wide range of knowledge in health and nutrition, food allergies and gentle understanding of children, my now happy daughter hasn’t had medication in almost a year and has the sparkle back in her eyes.”
— Sue Stempel





“Addressing the individual as a whole to create personal health and happiness.”

This program is personalized and based on the individual, their general health and the journey on which they are embarking. As layers are peeled away, often more is revealed and the individual’s program is then refined to fit what becomes the priority at the next appointment.

The initial consult appointment is scheduled. The first appointmant will be based on a client’s chief concern. Prior to the first meeting, the client will be asked to keep a five-day dietary journal of everything consumed, both food and drink.

I suggest that everything consumed is written down throughout the day so nothing is left to guesswork. The awareness of unhealthful habits is often revealed during this important process.

Based on the client’s target concerns, I have a list of questions, traversing deeper into lifestyle, habits and history that will help me “connect the dots” to create a specialized, individual plan. This will begin to reveal health concerns and create a plan to achieve optimal health. (I explain it this way: you’re at the computer and you have many windows open at one time. The most recent window is often the priority that needs to be closed first. Then the other windows will reveal themselves — like layers — to be worked on.)

During this initial meeting, a foundation for improved health is established. Tools such as (but not limited to) a specific food list, nutritional supplements, herbs and homeopathic routes may be suggested, with directions on how to use them.

Because each program is personalized, there is no set format. However, over the years, I have discovered that achieving optimal health takes time, inspired by the desire for change, accountability, support and effort.

• $150 Includes a complete individual health overview as well as establishing the foundation for the client’s program based on concerns, history and goals.

• 1/2 hr ($75)
• 1/4 hr. ($35)

True healing and balance take time. This program is not a band-aid for imbalance, but the beginning of lasting change and optimal wellness.


Home | Nutrition & Wellness | Breathing & Yoga | Programs/Workshops | About Kim
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